Welcome to Penkridge Air Rifle Club

Got a new airgun or have you found Granddad's old airgun in the loft and nowhere to use it?

Then come along to Penkridge Air Rifle Club!

Located in Penkridge we are easily accessible to the following area's:

Telford, Stafford, Worcester, Shropshire, Cannock, Shrewsbury, Stoke-On-Trent, Dudley, Wolverhampton and the rest of the West Midlands.


We honestly don't care what gun you've got as long as it is safe to use and its under 12ftlbs. We are an airgun club and you'll be shooting alongside like-minded people. You'll see people shooting modern day recoilless pneumatic airguns sitting next to someone who's shooting a 1920's BSA.

We have all one thing in common... We all want to knock targets down! We welcome new shooters, don't worry about if you've never shot at a club before. You'll be made most welcome and given tuition in safety & skills.

Before you go home we guarantee we'll have you knocking targets down and leaving with a big smile on your face! 

So dust off that airgun and come along to Penkridge ARC! A smashing way to spend your Sunday morning.